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Hot Tub Wiring

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Do you need help with your hot tub wiring? Getting a hot tub and/or pool to enjoy in the backyard is a very exciting experience for a homeowner. Our team of professional electricians know the ins and outs of pool and hot tub wiring so that you and your family can sit back and relax worry-free for those hot summer days and cold winter nights.

Our licensed master electricians know the requirements for pool and hot tub wiring to ensure safety and functionality. All you need to do is choose the right pool and/or hot tub that meets your needs, and let us do the wiring setup. Our master electricians will have your pool hooked up in no time for endless fun in the sun! We provide wiring services for inground and above-ground pools, new or existing. Here is the breakdown of some of the tasks involved in wiring both pool types: Grounding and Bonding, Conduits and Feeders for Pool Pumps and Heaters, Twist-lock Receptacles, Timers, Wet Niche Light Fixtures (Underwater Light Fixtures), General-use Receptacles, Pool Panel Control Systems, GFCI Protected Circuits, Skimmer Line, and much more.

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For all of these electrical pool components, it’s important to hire a professional electrician. Water and electricity don’t mix. The first thing our master electricians will do is make sure you are well-equipped to power a hot tub on your property. This will consist of making sure your home is running on sufficient amperage. Next, our team will install the main electrical components to power your hot tub: GFCI Breaker for Hot Tub, Hot Tub’s Panel (Manual Disconnect), Proper Conduits, Correctly sized breakers in both the main electrical panel and the disconnect, General-use Receptacle. In no time, you’ll be in your very own hot tub enjoying peace and tranquility, knowing your installation by our professionals was a success. Our licensed master electricians also service hot tubs. So, whether you are installing a brand new hot tub or something electrical goes wrong with your existing one, please leave the pool and hot tub wiring portion to us to ensure the safety and functionality of your spa.

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A hot tub is a great addition to your home for entertainment and relaxation. If you’re interested in getting a hot tub, call us and ask about our hot tub electrical installation service today. There’s nothing more relaxing than coming home after a hard day than to sink into a warm, bubbling hot tub. If you’ve never thought about, maybe it’s time to consider one. Also, getting a hot tub isn’t as expensive as you might think. Installing a hot tub isn’t as difficult as one might think, but still requires the help of an electrician. Most hot tubs can be installed, filled, and ready to go in a day or two. The difficult part is the wiring, which should be left to a professional. To wire your hot tub, you want to hard wire it into the GFCI protected 220-240V or 60 AMP circuit. It’s also wise to install a manual disconnect device between your breaker box and your hot tub panel to protect against false tripping. Lastly, make sure you follow your local building codes and get the help of a professional to get the job done right and safely.

Our electricians can handle all your home’s hot tub and swimming pool electric wiring needs. We begin with an inspection to assess the situation and will give you an idea of the cost and the time it will take to complete the project.  Customer care is high on our list of services. You and your family can relax and enjoy pool time knowing that every piece of electrical equipment including pumps and lighting have been safely installed. Our electricians also take the time to make sure the job is done correctly.

We know the value that families and individuals place in being able to enjoy the convenience of a hot tub. Our electricians take great pride in making sure to install all wiring and lighting with local codes and safety standards in mind. When we complete a job, our customers can relax with peace knowing their hot tub meets all safely standards. Our electricians will also clean up the work area after they complete an installation. Hot tubs and pools can bring family members together in a safe and relaxed environment. In a busy world, it can be difficult for families to spend quality time together. Both parents may work, and children engage themselves in a ton of activities. As such, there does not seem to be enough time to take those needed family breaks together. With a pool or hot tub, the family will have both a reason and opportunity to share a little quality time. Call us today. We can inspect your property and walk you through the installation process and pricing. Our customers value our work, and we think you will enjoy working with our professional and courteous electricians.

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